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    Toney Robotic heat medium oil heating circulation system mechanical pipe high quality configuration

    issuing time :2019-06-14

    Toney Robotic mechanical mold temperature machine heat medium oil heating circulation system mechanical pipeline high quality configuration:


    1. The internal pipelines of the high-temperature oil-type mold temperature heating cycle system are all formed by seamless stainless steel, with uniform heating and small tube loss.

    2. It has a pressure relief circuit device and an oil shortage alarm to protect the pump and the heating pipe.

    3, heating and cooling speed is fast, stable and fast, the air machine is heated to 350 ° C for about 30 minutes.

    4. The system adopts high-temperature circulating oil pump adopts high pressure and large flow 350°C hot oil pump, which has good heat conduction effect, fast heating, small temperature difference and energy saving of more than 30%.

    5, the use of flange type Swedish silk double power stainless steel tube chrome-plated electric heating tube, suitable for different temperature control occasions, imported electric heating wire, long service life, not easy to burn.

    6. Pressure indicator.

    7, the solenoid valve uses Taiwan's original imported Ding brand UNID, high temperature resistance 380 °C.

    8. The temperature gauge of the mold temperature machine can monitor whether there is any blockage in the temperature control equipment and whether the working conditions are stable.

    9. Loss pressure exhaust protection system to prevent the system from dry burning caused by system pressure loss.

    10. The cooler adopts a flange type large-area heat exchanger with fast cooling speed and accurate temperature control.

    11. Temperature-controlled over-temperature anti-drying device and anti-fouling device.

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