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    The unified intelligent training base is jointly built by Guangdong unidroid intelligent Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Xuda Zhuoyuan Education Group Co., Ltd. its core positioning is to cultivate high skilled practical technical talents for intelligent manufacturing, automation, industrial robots and other fields. Through recruiting automation, mechatronics, industrial robot application technology and other majors for colleges and Universities across the country We should carry out practical teaching for former graduates, build core competitiveness around talent cultivation and technical service of intelligent manufacturing industry by virtue of Harbin University of technology's "robot technology and system" National Key Laboratory, and conduct in-depth training of college graduates' professional skills to achieve the purpose of learning for use and professional counterpart employment.

    Guangdong uni robot intelligence Co., Ltd. is an innovative technology new three board listed enterprise that provides one-stop automation solutions for the injection molding industry. It has technology precipitation in the field of mechanical automation for 24 years and has won the trust of more than 20000 customers.

    Shenzhen Xuda Zhuoyuan education group is a comprehensive education group company integrating production, learning and research. It has 20 companies, 12 campuses and 40 jointly built school entities, and has successfully delivered more than 2000 industrial robot application talents for enterprises.


    Unified intelligent training base, adhering to the development concept of "science and technology driven by me, let science and technology serve human beings" and the core values of "focus, concentration, and specialty to cultivate rare talents for enterprises", is committed to building a "Huangpu Military Academy" of intelligent manufacturing industry talents, and helps to effectively implement the "made in China 2025" strategic national policy.


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    Foster vision

    Technology is driven by me

    Cultivation mission

    Let science and technology serve mankind

    Cultivate scarce talents for enterprises with focus, concentration and specialty

    Cultivate values



    1. Focus on Vocational Education for 20 years, accurately understand the needs of enterprises for technical talents and have a 100% directional talent training system.

    2. We have been deeply engaged in the machinery automation industry for 24 years. The technical support comes from the State Key Laboratory of "robot technology and system" of Harbin University of technology.



    3. Have independently developed teaching equipment, curriculum system, core teaching materials and professional teaching staff.


    4. Agreement guarantees 100% counterpart employment



    100%Obtain employment




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