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    About the rhinoceros

    Industry talent upgrade is the mission of the TONEY training college

    Lingxi Geek is an education company specializing in the field of intelligent manufacturing. The core team of the company relies on the State Key Laboratory of Robotics and Systems of Harbin Institute of Technology.Based on its deep understanding of technology by its intelligent manufacturing equipment company, it is committed to the training of intelligent manufacturing and robotics.

    Once the company's training products have been launched,they have been widely recognized by talents and enterprises. Up to now, they have trained more than 1,000 trainees, delivered excellent talents to hundreds of companies, and reached professional school-enterprise co-construction agreements with dozens of schools to become smart manufacturing education. A leader in comprehensive service in the field



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    Develop the ability to conduct independent analysis and problem solving;

    Cultivate the ability to learn knowledge and make inferences;

    Cultivate the ability to conduct hands-on operations with actual engineering projects;

    The actual project case,enterprise-level training venue,promote the application and development of robot training teaching.

    Establish a new learning method to train teachers in the teaching of intelligent manufacturing courses in schools.

    Learning the basic operation programming,maintenance and application of the robot.

    Learning the combination of robotic operations and industrial examples.

    Promote industry technology exchange and resource integration and sharing.

    Capacity building goal

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