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    6 omestic and overseas branches     17 distribution service points

    Guang Dong TONEY robotic intelligent co, Itd not only have factory in Dongguan more than 24 years, but also have sales office in Suzhou, Tianjin, Zhong Shan, Foshan,Huizhou, Qingdao, Xiamen, Chongqing, Chengdu, Wuhan,Chang Sha, Wenzhou, Ningbo, Wuhu, Taiwan, Malaysia and Vietnam, agents are cover all over the country.
    In the near future toney robot will attend the oversea exhibition related to plastic industrial. In 2019 we have new sales office will open in Russia, USA, Poland, India,Thailand and Indonesia... Our target is to provide service in customer factory within 24 hours for domestic and 48 hours for oversea market.




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